Giraffe Bottle Feeding  (Approx. 1hr.)

Meet our baby Reticulated Giraffe , T'challa! This “one of a kind” Giraffe is sure to make an impression with everyone because no two giraffes are alike(get it?). Guests can get up close and personal with this gentle giant while learning all about the rare Reticulated Giraffe. There are few opportunities like this in America to get this close to one of these magnificent creatures, and now it's right in your back yard!

Get up close with one of nature's most interesting and magnificent creatures. This interactive experience (approx. one hour) is a must for all animal lovers; feeding time will let you get to know our baby reticulated giraffe, T'Challa, and his human caretakers on a more intimate level. You won't just learn about the world's tallest mammal, but what Barn Hill Preserve is doing to help the Reticulated Giraffe population. 


This gentle baby Giraffe is a sure favorite with all ages, and is a must for any animal lover in your life! 


Bottle Feeding: $100

*Bottle price includes experience for 1 person

Experience: $50 per person 


1 HR bottle feeding and meet and greet session/Q&A with our guides

** This experience does not include the encounter tour. Tour must be purchased separately**