Free-Flying Macaw Rescue

Barn Hill Preserve is committed to offering a home to free-flying macaws that can no longer be cared for by their owners. Macaws can make difficult pets, and these birds can live up to 80 years with proper care and diet. Barn Hill Preserve is unique in our macaw initiative in that we provide a forever home that allows the birds to free-fly throughout our preserve. 

With your help, Barn Hill Preserve can expand our macaw initiative to take in more macaws that need forever homes. We can only take in as many birds as our resources allow, and we are currently at maximum capacity.

By supporting Barn Hill Preserve's Macaw initiative, you are providing a forever home to free-flying macaws. 

How Can I Help?

All sponsorships are welcome and appreciated! Barn Hill Preserve is hoping to raise money to expand the macaw roosting tent open room for more rescues.